Scotwork Limited and Associated Companies

Environmental Policy

Scotwork is a worldwide provider of negotiating training and consultancy services. The company’s policy is to reduce environmental impacts which may arise in the course of the provisions of the services we provide. In general our services have a low environmental impact but the company has identified the following as areas which may have an environmental impact.


Employee Travel

The Covid 19 pandemic has substantially reduced the amount of travel both in the UK and overseas. The use of online platforms for training and client meetings has proven to be very effective in the business. Scotwork recognises that there will be a return to face to face training to some extent and we expect business travel to increase again in the future.

Where possible staff will travel by surface but due to the global nature of the business this is not always possible and air travel is undertaken by employees on a regular basis. The airlines used have their own policies relating to environmental impact.

Our car policy is to encourage the use of electrical or hybrid vehicles for staff who require a company car or have a car allowance.



The company is committed to purchasing recyclable materials where possible for stationery purposes within the business.

The company takes care to ensure that the suppliers it uses for the production of training materials are aware of the environmental impacts of their production process.



The company takes measures to ensure the efficient use of fuel resources at its premises by a commitment to purchasing low energy products.


Movement of materials to course venues

Materials are used by an international courier who has a robust sustainability policy in place with a particular emphasis on carbon reduction strategies.


Policy reviewed 1 November 2021