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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Skills Training

What defines a “great” negotiation? Think strategically and develop your skills; have the tools to analyse the process, understand the behaviours, and select the right course of action

All sectors - All functions - All levels

Maximise the Value of Deals

Increase the profitability of deals through more effective negotiation. Save money and create value by investing in negotiation skills training

98.9% of customers recommend us

Global Standards Locally Applied

Our investment in local consultants ensures programmes are delivered with maximum understanding of local language, culture and business practices

Offices in 48 countries - Consultancy and training in 29 languages 

Are you ready to negotiate more valuable deals?

Open Negotiation Course Dates

Sign up for a Scotwork open negotiation course and equip yourself to negotiate with confidence and success. Join our expert negotiation consultants and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy a unique mix of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case-plays and in-depth video analysis. Check out the dates for our next open negotiation skills course.
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Course Start Date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 25/9/2024 27/9/2024 Hong Kong - Cantonese
ANS 26/11/2024 28/11/2024 Hong Kong - English
Foundation Workshop 29/11/2024 29/11/2024 Hong Kong - English
ANS 2/12/2024 4/12/2024 Hong Kong - English

Negotiation Skills Training with Scotwork




We cover your entire negotiating journey: before the course, we determine which areas you and your organisation are lacking in, during the negotiation training we focus on developing your skills and after the course we provide you with the resources necessary for you to be in control and succeed in your negotiations


We help you to master the skills to maximise all opportunities and challenges, whilst never fearing the word NO


Focused on embedding lasting change, we have trained and coached companies across many UK sectors and industries, from small companies to FTSE 100 corporations


We help develop the skills required to increase the scope and empowerment of internal and external teams


We help enable teams to implement agreements right across the value chain

Negotiation training provided by industry experts

Does your team understand what defines a "great" negotiation outcome for the organisation?


Our negotiation training upskills your team using proven process, skills and ROI


Our training is aligned to fit local language, culture and business practices

Experts in corporate negotiation skills

Does your organisation's negotiation skills size up to industry best practice?


Our tailored solutions are based on capability assessment and are aligned to your business approach


Our co-developed training is applied to your challenges along with advisory support to enable better long-term outcomes

What is Advanced Negotiation Consulting?




Our negotiation consultants help you to create long-term value for your business


Team understanding, team competency and effectiveness of current approach


Sustainable solutions to meet your real-world challenges


Our negotiation consultancy ensures solutions are tailored to meet your needs


One-to-one or small groups of senior managers


Acting as a trusted advisor to support you through your most difficult negotiation challenges



Need a local team?