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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Training & Consultancy
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Negotiation Skills Training

What defines a “great” negotiation? Think strategically and develop your skills; have the tools to analyse the process, understand the behaviours, and select the right programme of action.

All sectors - All functions - All levels

Maximise the Value of Deals

Increase the profitability of deals through more effective negotiation. Save money and create value by investing in negotiation skills training.

98.9% of customers recommend us.

Global Standards Locally Applied

Our organization operates globally, yet we prioritize investing in local consultants, ensuring that negotiation programmes are delivered with maximum understanding of local language, culture and business practices.

48 offices operating in 120 countries - Consultancy and training in 29 languages.

At Scotwork, negotiation is a transformative force, not just a skill. Our training redefines how your organisation operates and communicates, turning every negotiation into a growth opportunity. Embrace our programmes and witness your team's confidence and success soar.

Why Scotwork is The #1 Negotiation Training Programme in Singapore

Scotwork is renowned as Singapore's leading negotiation training programme, distinguished by a legacy established since 1975. Our uniquely structured programmes blend in-depth global insights with effective local strategies, highly acclaimed by our clients. Garnering the Best Sales Training Provider title for five consecutive years, we specialise in enhancing organisations' negotiation capabilities, resulting in significant operational improvements.

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Established Excellence Since 1975

Founded in 1975, Scotwork revolutionised negotiation training with a ground-breaking approach, setting new standards in a previously unstructured field.

5 Decades of Global Leadership

Growing into a world-class negotiation specialist, Scotwork has continuously led the way in global negotiation expertise for nearly half a century.

Operating in 120 Countries

Our extensive global presence across 120 countries demonstrates our commitment to providing locally adapted negotiation skills worldwide.

Training in 29 Languages

Offering consultancy and training in 29 languages, Scotwork is dedicated to delivering universally applicable negotiation skills tailored to various cultural contexts.

What Type of Negotiation Skill Certifications Do We Provide?

Scotwork offers a comprehensive suite of five certified negotiation programmes designed to cater to varying skill levels and learning preferences, with the flexibility of both online and in-person formats.

Advancing Negotiation Skills (A.N.S.) Programme

The Advancing Negotiation Skills (A.N.S.) programme is a leading negotiation training programme, engaging thousands annually with practical, interactive sessions. It emphasises real-world application, dedicating 80% of the programme to case-play exercises and 20% to lectures. During the sessions, participants receive personalised attention from expert coaches, ensuring skill development in real-time scenarios. 

The participants experience an average ROI of 16x within 3 months post-training, which reflects an increase in both confidence and control over their negotiation capabilities. The programme begins with a tailored Negotiation Profile assessment, leading to a bespoke Personal Development Plan. Graduates gain access to the Scotwork Toolbox, a comprehensive online resource, enhancing their negotiation journey post-training.

Scotwork Negotiating Essentials e-Learning

The Scotwork Negotiating Essentials e-Learning is an e-learning programme for diverse audiences. It is ideal for those new to negotiation or as a refresher.

The programme features 10 online video modules covering core negotiation concepts like conflict resolution, negotiation preparation, and effective bargaining. Each module, brought to life with animated characters and interactive activities, is a standalone lesson, ensuring flexibility and ease of learning. 

Additionally, modules can be accessed through targeted "Help Me" statements, addressing specific negotiation questions. The programme includes a storyline involving four individuals in an outdoor activity, making learning engaging and relatable. 

Each module takes about 15 minutes and also contains the option to "Read more" for in-depth understanding. This programme, currently available in English and 28 other languages, is a comprehensive tool for building and refining negotiation skills. It also offers a Manager’s Support Pack for enhanced learning and two types of licences, A and B, catering to individual and refresher needs.


Negotiation Foundation Workshop Programme

The Negotiation Foundation Workshop is a comprehensive programme designed to clarify the basics of negotiation in a flexible format. It offers a clear introduction to essential negotiation stages and processes targeted at novices of all backgrounds. This workshop focuses on key skills such as defining objectives, planning, and proposal creation, enabling participants to contribute effectively as leaders or team members in negotiations. 

Additionally, the programme covers understanding core negotiation concepts, reading and controlling the negotiation process, and maximising the profitability of every deal. It is tailored for individual learners and can be customised as a company-specific programme. Post-workshop, attendees receive a Personal Development Plan and free life-time access to the foundational tools of the Scotwork Toolbox, which includes a range of resources and tools for ongoing skill enhancement.

Masters Programme

The Masters Programme is a thought-provoking workshop for those who have to negotiate within strategic frameworks, manage negotiation teams, or whose negotiations have strategic implications for others. Participants who have honed their skills through the Advancing Negotiation programme are eligible to transition directly to the Masters program. Over the programme, participants delve into both theoretical insights and practical case-plays to refine decision-making. The programme includes strategic insights such as understanding buyer and seller behaviour and using advanced planning tools. 

Expert Scotwork consultants with extensive client-side experience offer in-depth, individualised coaching on current negotiation challenges, including live business negotiating challenges and strategic case play exercises. Participants start with comprehensive pre-programme profiling, and post-programme, they continue to develop skills with access to the Scotwork Toolbox and other supportive resources, deepening their understanding of strategic relationships and enhancing their persuasion skills.

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Open Negotiation Course Dates

Participating in a Scotwork open negotiation programme offers an opportunity to enhance negotiation skills with confidence and success. The programme features expert negotiation consultants and brings together a variety of participants from diverse backgrounds. It includes a blend of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case-plays, and in-depth video analysis designed to enrich the learning experience. For those interested, check out the dates for our next open negotiation skills programme.
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Course Start Date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 29/7/2024 31/7/2024 Kuala Lumpur
Foundation Workshop 12/8/2024 12/8/2024 Virtual
VANS 2/9/2024 5/9/2024 Virtual
ANS 16/9/2024 18/9/2024 Singapore
Foundation Workshop 11/11/2024 11/11/2024 Virtual
ANS 13/11/2024 15/11/2024 Singapore

We Offer Solutions to Real-World Challenges

Negotiation Training Provided by Industry Experts

Does your team understand what defines a "great" negotiation outcome for the organisation?


Our negotiation training upskills your team using proven process, skills and ROI.


Our training is conducted globally, and aligned locally to fit the country’s language, culture and business practices.

Since 1975, Scotwork have been leading the way to create greater engagement and application bymixing global reach with rich local knowledge.

Experts in Corporate Negotiation Skills

Does your organisation's negotiation skills size up to industry best practice?


Our tailored solutions are based on capability assessment and are aligned to your business approach


Our co-developed training is applied to your challenges along with advisory support to enable better long-term outcomes

What is Advanced Negotiation Consulting?




Our negotiation consultants help you to create long-term value for your business


Team understanding, team competency and effectiveness of current approach


Sustainable solutions to meet your real-world challenges


Our negotiation consultancy ensures solutions are tailored to meet your needs


One-to-one classes or small groups


Acting as a trusted advisor to support you through your most difficult negotiation challenges

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Frequently Asked Questions About Negotiation Training and Classes

1. What topics or areas are covered in your negotiation skills training programmes? 

Scotwork's negotiation training programs, tailored to various experience levels and industry needs, offer diverse topics. From foundational skills in the Essentials eLearning and Foundation Workshop to advanced techniques in the A.N.S, C.N.S . and Masters programmes, each programme provides a comprehensive journey of a life time learning. The programmes help to transform the way you and your team negotiate. To identify the best fit for your needs, contact our business development team to get in touch and for more information

2. How experienced are your trainers and instructors in the field of negotiation?

Scotwork's trainers are highly experienced, each possessing many years of industry experience in negotiation. They provide hands-on, practical training, offering instant feedback and personalised coaching, ensuring quality learning for every participant.

3. Can your training programmes be adapted for specific industries or sectors?

Yes, Scotwork's negotiation training caters to all sectors and levels, adaptable to diverse industry needs. The programmes strategically align with local languages, cultures, and business practices. They offer tailored solutions and includes one-to-one coaching to address specific business challenges and provide sustainable, practical outcomes.

4. Do you offer any post-training support or resources for participants to continue improving their negotiation skills?

Yes, Scotwork offers post-training support through the Scotwork Toolbox, which includes a range of online content, applications, and tools for ongoing negotiation skills development.

5. What methods or techniques do you employ to measure the effectiveness of your training programmes?

Scotwork measures training effectiveness through rigorous benchmarking at each stage: before, during, and after the training. A key aspect of our assessment is tracking the Return on Investment (ROI), which we have been successfully measuring and delivering since 1989, ensuring our negotiation training yields quantifiable and industry-leading results.