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5th May 2022

How to Prepare for Negotiation in 8 Steps

Read the paper and listen to the news, and you will be in little doubt that for many companies, tough times lay ahead. What do you do in such circumstances? See what happens? Hope for the best? We don't think so.

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12th May 2022

Negotiation is a Trading Process

Concessions can be a key part of the negotiation process – but it’s important to keep your wits about you where this area is concerned – here’s why.

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20th May 2022

Stop Selling, Start Negotiating 

Negotiation starts when the selling ends. A group of highly powered women were discussing the participants of the Women Game Changers of the year for 2013 and who should be included, and who should win.

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31st May 2022

Don’t Mistake Negotiating for Haggling

A common negotiation mistake made by many salespeople is thinking that negotiation is about persuading the other guy that he wants what you’re offering and then making some sort of concession on the price in return for an order.

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29th June 2022

Fairness in Negotiation: Does it Matter?

When it comes to negotiating in long‐term relationships we think fairness, or indeed perceived fairness, plays a big part in the value of the ongoing deal. Why should that be?

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27th July 2022

Control and the Negotiation Process

The connection between control and speed was immortalized by Mario Andretti: one of the most famous racing drivers of his generation, an Italian notorious for his commitment to and love of speed. 

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5th August 2022

Can You Afford to Walk Away?

As consultants we regularly talk to people on either side of the same negotiation - and we often notice that both sides view their position as uniquely negative or disadvantaged.

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23rd August 2022

Dealing with Difficult People: How to Communicate Effectively

One of the questions we often get asked is “How do I negotiate when the other side are aggressive, rude or just nasty?” Communicating with difficult people can be challenging – and it can be tempting to meet them at their level.

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9th September 2022

The Dilemma of the Negotiation Proposal: Who Proposes First?


Like most areas of business life, negotiating is a dynamic, moving process which requires a flexible and creative approach if there is a chance of reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

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18 November 2022

Negotiating with Kids - Christmas is a tough time for parents

Negotiating with kids – we’re all doing it at Christmas, and they’re very good at it.

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